About Me



My goal is to provide the best patient-focused care available in the Cary area, including the surrounding regions of Raleigh and inner ring suburbs.  This commitment includes a one-on-one relationship with each patient that only a solo practitioner can provide.  Continuity of care is critical for the patient and therapist as you learn things about that unique individual at each session, rather than seeing different clinicians (assistants and aides) at various appointments.  This allows me to hone in on details about your symptoms, physical dysfunctions and problems related to activities of daily living.  It is also essential to constantly monitor the patient's signs & symptoms during each session to work within the tolerance of the patient and stay on track towards achieving the ultimate goal of symptom reduction/ resolution and restoration of maximizing functionality.

I share a major patient concern regarding the tremendous cost of healthcare in this country and the most helpful thing I can do for the health-seeking public is to use the principles above to decrease the amount of visits and duration of care.  In most cases, my average length of care ranges from 4-8 visits; based on the amount and severity or chronicity of the problem(s).

My wife, Jane, daughters, Sarah & Laurel, and I  have lived and worked in Cary for 16 years now and have watched the area grow exponentially (including traffic) during that time.  Therefore, we realize that time can be as valuable as money.  Getting and staying well in a timely manner is important to the patient and my actions are aimed at expediting your recovery by attention to detail.  This includes a custom self treatment and home exercise program that can be put on your cellphone for verbal and visual instruction.